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Why Write Your Memoir?

You don’t have to be famous or a celebrity to write a memoir, so why write one? 

Many reasons. 

In an era when less in the way of stories and family history is passed down generations verbally, a written memoir is an invaluable legacy to create for your family. Families now often live further away from each than in the past and generation gaps are usually wider – meaning many children only get to know grandparents when the grandparents are in their 70s or 80s. A memoir or family history is not only a great keepsake, but it will help break down those distances and gaps. 

Writing a memoir or biography is very therapeutic. The exercise of recall gets the old grey matter working. Reflecting on life’s high points and positives also does wonders. Involving family and friends in your memoir writing project can be a lot of fun. How often does a “do you remember the time we…” end in laughter and smiles all round? 

Capturing your life story for posterity creates a great legacy for your family and friends. 

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