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How We Do It

After our initial conversation we’ll send you information which includes a questionnaire, some suggestions on how to recall and collate information and events you want to include, our terms and conditions and a booking form.

Once you have confirmed the approximate extent (number of pages / words) of the book, your choice of format and approximate number of photos you’d like to include, we’ll send you a formal agreement and quotation for Your Life In A Book. The quotation will be based around a number of things including the length of your book (which factors in the number of interviews required and the final number of words in the book), the location for interviews (we will generally come to visit you), the number of photos to be included, book format and how many copies you want.

Upon receipt of your signed agreement and deposit, we will coordinate an interview schedule with you. At those meetings we will also discuss photographs to include, cover illustration(s) and design, book title, cover and author blurb etc. At this point we will quote an approximate delivery date for your books.

Shortly after we’ve started ghostwriting your book, we will send you some sample pages (around 5000 words) to ensure you’re happy with style and tone of the work to that point and that we’ve captured your voice. 

Upon completion of the first draft of your life story we will send a copy of the manuscript. This is your opportunity to check, amend and clarify what appears in your memoir or family history. We don’t expect you to proofread your book, but if you notice anything that hasn’t previously been picked up, please alert us.

Depending on the scale and scope of work required, we may discuss possible changes via email and telephone discussion rather than a face-to-face meeting.

We will then commence the publication process which includes final design, typesetting and placement of photographs. You will be required to sign-off a final cover-to-cover PDF copy of your book. 

Payment will be made in four stages: 1) prior to consultancy/interviews, 2) proceed to test pages, 3) proceed to complete, 4) delivery of books. 

Your books will be delivered in one consignment to your nominated UK delivery address. However, we can quote on variations to this.

You have the option of making your book available for purchase through online retailers should you choose. We can discuss this at any point in the publishing process. There are advantages to this, but it means you won’t be able to control who gets a copy of your book. 

If you don’t order enough copies of your book at the start, don’t worry, you will be able to order additional copies on an ad-hoc basis at any point after your initial delivery. Your great uncle Peregrine or that strange lady you used to work with won’t miss out if you didn’t include them in your initial print run calculations…

From start to finish the process typically takes 12-15 weeks – dependent on prompt client feedback and sign-off. 

Any questions about the process? 

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