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Each life story or memoir we take on and publish is treated differently. This includes pricing. Different factors influence the final cost, but essentially it is based on how long (in words) your book is. Other factors to consider include:

  • The number of meetings / interviews required to capture your story – this will be agreed in advance.
  • The number of photos you want included in your book.
  • The number of copies of the book you require.

As a guide, ten copies of a 40,000-word book including 40 photographs will cost in the region of £5000-£5300. 

We will provide you with a quote for Your Life In A Book based on the information supplied. Upon acceptance of the quote we will prepare a formal agreement. This will include our standard terms and conditions, a three-part payment schedule (deposit, at 5000 words sign-off and upon delivery), key dates for completion of different components of the project and subsequent client sign-off, copyright and ownership of intellectual property. Essentially the formal agreement outlines our commitment to you and yours to us. It is in plain English and contains no surprises.

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These terms and conditions are a general guide to doing business with YLB Publishing Ltd. Clients will receive a contract prior to the commencement of their Your Life In A Book project. We will start on your book upon receipt of the signed agreement and first payment.

The Company

We are YLB Publishing Ltd (company number 12400363). The Publisher and Managing Director is Simon Patrick Wooldridge. Our trading address is 3 Berkeley Court, North Sherwood Street, Nottingham NG1 4EF. Our registered address is Burton House, 282 Hempshill Lane, Bulwell, Nottingham NG6 8PF. We are contactable via our website, email or telephone 07879 148420.

By entering into an agreement with YLB Publishing Ltd for the provision of goods and services, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined here and in any attached or subsequent contract or agreement.


Book, or books, refers to the finished product(s) the Client will receive in printed format from YLB Publishing Ltd. It also refers to the manuscript at any stage in the publishing process.

Client, or customer, means the person who has contracted YLB Publishing Ltd for the provision of services to write and publish the Client’s book. Where the contract or agreement is with someone other than the subject of the book, ‘Client’ may be used interchangeably. Client also applies to any business or organisation that has entered into an agreement with YLB Publishing Ltd.

Content means the manuscript, photographs or images, recorded and/or transcribed interviews, written copy (including for the book’s cover and flaps, and for promotional purposes) and the finished printed book.

Contract means Agreement and vice versa. This includes an outline of fees, the schedule, respective parties’ contact details and physical book description. Both parties sign the Contract or Agreement.

Copyright refers to the ownership of the manuscript and/or photographs and images.

Costs – direct. Costs that the Publisher has paid to a third party. This includes, but is not limited to, accommodation, travel, printing and fees paid to freelance contractors.

Costs – indirect. Costs that are a calculation of time applied to the development of the book by the Publisher. This includes, but is not limited to, interviews, transcribing, writing, editing, proofreading and project management.

Order is the Client’s order for the provision of services and books supplied by YLB Publishing Ltd.

Publisher means YLB Publishing Ltd.

Schedule means the agreed timeline and key dates in the development and publication of the book.

Sign-off means when the Client has approved the manuscript sample, full manuscript, cover and final typeset book.

Website means YLB Publishing Ltd’s website:

Goods and Services

YLB Publishing Ltd, trading as Your Life in A Book, is a bespoke publisher of memoirs and family histories. It provides ghost writing, publishing and packaging services for individuals, families and organisations.

A fuller description of the goods and services provided by YLB Publishing Ltd is outlined in detail on the company website, Variations to goods and services provided may apply depending on Client requirements, interviews conducted with the Client and contributors and the quantity and quality of photographs supplied by the Client.

Contract, agreement, quotes, schedule, sign-off and fees

YLB Publishing Ltd does not have set package prices. A broad estimate will be provided in initial discussions with a Client before a formal quote is supplied. That quote is valid for 28 days. Prices are calculated based on a variety of criteria, including hours allocated for interviews, writing and editing – the length of manuscript, number of images to be included and number of books to be supplied. VAT is not applied. Payment is to be made in no more than four payments and in line with the signed agreement between the Publisher and Client. Any delay in payments may result in the cessation of work on the project and interest (APR 10%) being applied. The book will remain the property of YLB Publishing Ltd until paid for in full. In the event of any cancellation by the Client at any stage no payments up to that point will be refunded.

In executing the contract or agreement, YLB Publishing Ltd and the Client agree to a schedule of key dates around interviews, manuscript reviews and sign-off dates. Any significant variation to this schedule by either party must be agreed upon in advance. Throughout the publishing process YLB Publishing Ltd will remain in regular contact with the Client to discuss possible variations and amendments to the schedule and scope of the project.

The Client will approve the content at three different stages in the process: Assessment of the book’s ‘voice’ after approximately 5000 words, the final manuscript and final typeset version of the Client’s book (including the cover). The sign-off at the final manuscript stage is key. Any requested changes, excluding fixing typographical errors, at this final typeset stage will incur additional fees.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Communication, Liability, Cancellation

YLB Publishing Ltd is liable for the quality of work provided by its freelancers and subcontractors in respect of projects commissioned by YLB Publishing Ltd only.

YLB Publishing Ltd will not be liable for any loss of the Client’s reputation, community standing or any kind of economic loss arising out of, or in relation to, the publication of the book. The Client is solely responsible for any plagiarism or defamation claims that may result from the publication and distribution of the book.

If the Client chooses to cancel the book at any stage during the publication process YLB Publishing Ltd will not refund any direct or indirect costs already incurred. Additionally, a one-off administration fee of £50.00 will be applied by YLB Publishing Ltd.

Publisher and Client Commitment

The Publisher will assist the Client in preparing materials and information for the publication of their book. The Publisher (or an appointed representative) will interview the Client at times and dates agreed in advance with the Client. Interviews will be recorded. Upon completion of interviews the Publisher will start preparing and writing the Client’s book. Upon completion of the first 5000 words (approx.) the Publisher will send these to the Client for approval. Upon this approval the rest of the book will be written. The book will go through several drafts and will be professionally edited and proofread. On completion of this process the Client will review and sign-off a completed manuscript. Upon Client approval, the Publisher will have the Client’s manuscript typeset, cover finalised and photos and images placed (with captions) within the book. The Client will see a final, typeset copy of their book for approval prior to printing. Throughout the writing and development process the Publisher will stay in close contact with the Client and advise of any issues arising – such as potential variation in book length, issues with photograph quality, and potential changes to the schedule. YLB Publishing Ltd is committed to delivering a finished book of the highest professional quality.

Communication between the Client and Publisher will be via personal meeting, telephone, email and mail. Any communication relating to sign-off stages or variation in costs will be agreed in writing.

In the event of any failure to deliver or respond in a timely manner by either party due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, YLB Publishing Ltd or the Client will advise the other party in writing as soon as possible.

The Client will make him/herself available for recorded interviews at agreed times either in person or by telephone. The Client will prepare for the initial meeting by reading the preparation information supplied by the Publisher and preparing notes around their key life events, people, stories and anecdotes. The Client will also source photographs or images for inclusion that will help illustrate their life story. At this stage the Client should also be considering an image for the book’s cover. At three stages during the writing and publishing process the Client will be required to review copy and/or artwork supplied by the Publisher. This will be supplied electronically unless otherwise agreed in advance. The Client will review and respond to the Publisher as per the agreed schedule. Where applicable, the Client is responsible for any permissions and licensing from copyright owners of photographs included in the book. The Client confirms that any written content supplied for inclusion in the book is original, in their own words and hasn’t been copied from any third party/ies.

Shipment, delivery and receipt of goods

The stock remains the property of YLB Publishing Ltd until payment for the whole project is received in full. YLB Publishing Ltd will deliver to one UK address only unless previously agreed and detailed in the contract.

Once delivered, the stock is the responsibility of the Client. The Client should check the quantity received is as per the contract and will alert YLB Publishing Ltd to any issues with the stock or delivery within 7 days of receipt.

Additional copies of the book can be ordered at any time. Price(s) will be quoted, and payment made when the order is placed. Delivery to any UK address will be approximately 10-14 days from receipt of payment, apart from the lead-up to Christmas in late November and early December when printing and shipment times may be up to double other times of the year. Copies can be sent directly by YLB Publishing Ltd to selected locations in the UK, North America, Australia and other countries. Prices will be quoted in advance by YLB Publishing Ltd.

The Publisher will retain sample copies of the Client’s book (at the Publisher’s cost). The Publisher will not give a copy of the Client’s book to any prospective new Client or third party without the Client’s prior consent.

Copyright, Rights and Territory

YLB Publishing Ltd and the Client jointly own copyright in the book unless otherwise agreed in advance and detailed in the formal agreement. Neither YLB Publishing Ltd nor the Client is permitted to sell, license or re-assign the rights of the book to any third party without agreement in writing between YLB Publishing Ltd and the Client.

Territory: World.

Format: Printed book only.

Neither the Client nor YLB Publishing Ltd will make the book available in its entirety – or any significant part thereof (over 500 words) – electronically or online via any blog, website or social media platform.

Photographs and images that appear in the book, on the cover and in any promotional materials developed or distributed by YLB Publishing Ltd remain the copyright of the owner. Copyright owners will be acknowledged where known.

Books are intended for the Client’s personal use. (See also Marketing, Promotion and Sales.)

Marketing, Promotion and Sales

YLB Publishing Ltd may request usage of selected brief extracts and images from the Client’s book for promotional purposes. Details will be agreed with the Client in advance of any proposed promotion. YLB Publishing will not use any content from the book without the Client’s consent.

Prior to, and upon, publication, the Client is encouraged to promote the book via social media and other channels. No more than 500 words from the book should be made available digitally or online.

YLB Publishing Ltd can make the book available for sale via online sales channels if required by the Client for no additional fee. An RRP would need to be set and a book trade discount applied. Making it available does not guarantee any sales of the book. The Client may opt-in to this form of distribution at any point up to publication. Some additional details may be required from the Client to populate information fields required for distribution. YLB Publishing Ltd will not undertake any trade or consumer marketing on behalf of the Client or provide any advice about the commercial viability of the book.

Governing Laws

The law of England and Wales governs the Client agreement with YLB Publishing Ltd.

YLB Publishing Ltd

3 Berkeley Court, North Sherwood Street, Nottingham NG1 4EF / 07879 148420

Registered address: Burton House, 282 Hempshill Lane, Bulwell, Nottingham NG6 8PF

Company number: 12400363

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of these terms and conditions or to clarify any point you may be unsure about.

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Simon Wooldridge, Your Life In A Book. Email: / Tel: 07879 148 420

YLB Publishing Ltd

Registered address: Burton House, 282 Hempshill Lane, Nottingham NG6 8PF

Company Number 12400363

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